Ramin Rezaeian shone like an international star in his team’s Asian encounter against Almalyk from Uzbekistan. In his third game in the AFC Champions League, he was undoubtedly the best player on his team. Right from the early minutes of the game, Rezaeian transformed the right flank into an attacking zone, delivering most of the strikes from this area towards Almalyk’s goal.

Rezaeian displayed precision in defense and acted as the primary attacker for his team, often moving forward to support midfielders and forwards, more like a classic right midfielder than a right-back. His exceptional physical readiness allowed him to engage in battles with Almalyk’s left-back and make him appear as the weakest link on their team.

Ramin Rezaeian cleverly executed the first goal for his team, with a well-placed corner kick. Although there was a significant mistake by Almalyk’s goalkeeper, Rezaeian’s corner was sent with great expertise. Notably, before taking that corner, he had an opportunity to score when his shot was saved by the host’s goalkeeper, resulting in a corner kick for Sepahan. Nevertheless, Rezaeian quickly went to the opposite flank and scored from that corner.

In critical moments when Sepahan needed to transition from defense to attack, Rezaeian used quick and precise passes to put his team in attacking positions. His dangerous passes and crosses created chaos for the opposing team on multiple occasions.

However, Rezaeian’s masterpiece was the free-kick goal that beat Almalyk’s goalkeeper. He was so prepared for this moment that as soon as he was behind the ball, he convinced Reza Asadi to let him take the shot, and it was evident that the ball would find the net. Rezaeian struck this set-piece with remarkable finesse and skill, surpassing the standards of Iranian football and reaching the level of international stars in the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

Considering the quality Rezaeian displayed in this match, it appears that he operates on a level beyond the AFC Champions League (ACL) and, at the very least, his performance yesterday was at the level of the UEFA Champions League (UCL).

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